Flash Mob

‘No Pants Subway Ride’ Strikes Again In the Big Apple
Sunday, January 13th, marked the 12th annual "No Pants Subway Ride," aka the day when people drop trou on the subway because...because no pants, that's why. Improv Everywhere, the pranksters behind this long-running event, organized a gathering of 4,000 participants in Brooklyn that quickl…
Flash Mob Helps Man Propose In Central Park [Video]
This is, by far, one of my favorite marriage proposal videos ever!
Pete and Siobhan, a young couple from northern England were visiting New York City as a suprise trip to Siobhan from Pete. Little did she know that he had something pretty special planned for her.
Pete enlisted the help of Flash Mob Am…
Holland Flash Mob Wedding [VIDEO]
From our friends at WZZM13, a great story about a Holland couple whose friends thought they were attending a graduation party, when they were surprised with a flash mob and a wedding. Check out the video.
Our Favorite Flash Mobs
Earlier this week, during a Kansas Jayhawks' basketball game, a section of the crowd surprised the rest of the crowd by simultaneously breaking out in a choreographed song and dance routine. They call this a flash mob, and its goal is to both confuse and entertain. Keep reading for some of our…