Woman Evacuating Home During Flood Grabs These Things… [Video]
If during an emergency, such as a fire or hurricane, what would would you grab from your house and save?
Obviously besides your children, most would grab their pets, some type of special memorabilia, or clothing. This woman from South Carolina felt something was just as equally important as her dog..…
View Of The Grand River Flooding From A Jet Ski [Video]
Authorities are telling people to stay away from the Grand River (as in, don't touch it), but a few West Michigan residents decided to take the the flooded river on jet skis and take video of the flooding around the area. And I'm pretty glad they did.
Updated West Michigan Road Closures
Flooding is still affecting all of West Michigan, and of course, with all of the water comes some road closures in our area. Below is a full and up-to-date list of road closures in our area.
West Michigan Flooding – Saturday April 20
Grand Rapids declared a state of emergency on Saturday afternoon.  Declaring a state of emergency was done in anticipation of widespread damage, injury or loss of property and it puts the city in a position to receive state or federal assistance...

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