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Florida Woman Arrested After Attacking Husband for Farting
We've all gotten mad at our significant other for something dumb... it's part of any relationship or marriage, but this is just silly.
A 55-year-old Florida woman was arrested earlier this month and charged with domestic battery after attacking her husband...
Woman Glues Her Eye Shut [Video]
Have you ever accidentally used something thinking it was something else and then when you realize it it's too late?
For example, my Dad once used Nair thinking it was shampoo.
This lady from Florida has it a lot worse. According to WPBF News, Katherine Gaydos was blowing leaves with a leaf …
Woman Fakes Kidnapping to Get Out of Work
At some point in our lives, we've played hooky from work or school. Some will choose to seize the day and others will choose to catch up on sleep and make it a lazy day. For the most part, though, we use the excuse of being sick as to why we can't go in...