A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL [Video]
Have you ever wondered what the NFL players are actually saying on and off the field?  Or, have you tried to guess what they are saying by ad libbing?  No?  Well, too bad, we are gonna show you anyway!
This video shows bad lip reading of the NFL players...
Which Big Game Snack Food Are You? [Quiz]
It's time for another one of Steve's famous Playbuzz quizzes!  This time around he is asking you questions about the big game, friends, and food!  This quiz will determine which big game snack food you are and what you should bring to the party...
Preview of Tomorrow’s Lions vs Jaguars Game
The 5-4 Detroit Lions are hoping to add another notch to the win column this weekend as they take on the 2-7 Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jags, however have some offensive weapons to keep an eye on. Here's the breakdown from the Lions Defensive Coordinator.

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