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2-Month-Old Michigan Baby Says “Hello” [Video]
A baby from Michigan is already a viral sensation and he can't even speak yet. Sort of.
Samantha Jones, of Jackson, was taking a Snapchat video of her 2-month-old son, Christian, for her friend. In the video, Samantha is telling her son to say "hello" to Amber...
Weatherman Screams Like a Girl When He Sees a Spider [Video]
Can you imagine nonchalantly going about your day and then all of a sudden you spot a giant spider. Naturally, you're going to scream bloody murder (at least I would).
This weatherman, from West Virginia, not only did he scream but he screamed like a girl on LIVE TV...
This Baby’s Laugh Will Make You Laugh [Video]
The two things we all love watching on the internet are funny videos of kids and animals. Today, it's cute video is brought to you by a baby named Brooklyn.
We can agree that there's nothing like hearing a baby laugh. It brings so much joy and that's exactly what Brooklyn does...
Hilarious Bad Lip Reading of Ted Cruz [Video]
The guys from Bad Lip Reading always deliver with their videos. They are most famously known for their NFL bad lip readings and recently, the presidential debates have been on the receiving end. Now it's Ted Cruz's turn!
Different videos from the presidential candidate's …
Watch a Dad Take Down his Toddler with a Pillow [Video]
We know how toddlers can be. They're feisty. That's why it's called the "terrible twos." But they're also really cute and fun to play with.
In a video, that has now gone viral, you see a toddler trying to attack her dad with a pillow for reasons unknown...

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