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NASA Makes Their Own ‘Gangnam Style’ Parody [Video]
Every time I post one of these I say it's going to be the last time. But, people keep out-doing each other when it comes to these "Gangnam Style" parodies. Even NASA is getting in on the game with their cover that shows us some of what goes on behind the scenes at Johnson Spac…
Gangnam Style Comic Animation [Video]
IT's BAAAACCCKKK!!! A Gangnam Style video that people will be talking about and sharing all over Faceyspace for a while! Someone decided to take the pencil to a video parody of Psy to another level. Take a look, you will see what I mean.
Family Of Farmers Sing Us ‘Farmer Style’ [Video]
Ok, I know that I told you guys that I was done sharing "Gangnam Style" remakes, but I lied. Mostly because I came across this video from the Peterson Family Farm in Kansas called "Farmer Style". And it's awesome. Not only do they talk to us about the wonders…
Epic Mash-Up Jams Every 2012 Pop Hit Into Eight Minutes
If you love dance parties, but just don't have it in you to physically move for more than 10 minutes without experiencing chest pain, here you go! This pop "danthology" squeezes 55 songs that got stuck in your head at the grocery store this year into eight minutes.
The Gangnam Style Phenomenon Mashup [Video]
I know, I know. Every time I write about Psy's "Gangnam Style", I think it's going to be the last time. And every time, I end up finding another awesome video parodying it. But, I think I've solved my problem with this one, singular video. Someone took the time to mashup all of the "G…
Gangnam Style – The Redneck Remix [Video]
Move over, Psy, this group of guys may have you beat. According to YouTube, these young gentlemen are named Daniel, Aaron, Luke, Wesley, and Eric, and they have some moves. This is more of a redneck "Magic Mike" meets "Gangnam Style", but I'll take it. See wh…
GVSU’s Louie The Laker Takes On Gangnam Style [Video]
Psy's song "Gangnam Style" has been covered, lip dubbed, and spoofed about a million times since it went viral here in the US, but I think I have a new favorite cover. Grand Valley State University's mascot Louie The Laker is apparently a big fan of the song, and decided to use it to pump …
My Baby Mesmerized By Gangnam Style [Video]
So earlier this morning my daughter was being fussy after getting shots for her sixth month check up. So during one of her fits of crying, Mike and Mike on ESPN did a parody for Gangnam Style. As you can tell in the video, she thoroughly enjoyed it!

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