OUCH! Fisherman Accidentally Hooks a Swimmer’s Penis
I guess this is what you would call a fisherman's "catch of the day."
According to the Mirror, Herbert Fendt, of Germany, was swimming nude in a lake when all of a sudden he felt a sudden pain in an area he shouldn't be feeling pain...
Watch This Bartender Pour 14 Shots at Once [Video]
A bartender doesn't have the easiest of jobs. They have to deal with high volumes of people, serve multiple drinks and make sure those drinks are made properly. That's impressive. But there's always that one bartender that REALLY impresses us and makes their job look easy...
US Named Funniest Country; Germany Named Least Funny
Maybe we should work on exporting some knock-knock jokes.
The US has been named the funniest country in a survey of 30,000 people from 15 nations around the globe, while Germany - long known for its poor sense of humor - kept up the stereotype by finishing at the bottom.
Boy Finds 24-Year-Old Message in a Bottle, Responds
Nearly a quarter of a century ago, a young German boy named Frank Uesbeck wrote a message, stuffed it into a bottle and threw it out to sea. This year, he finally received a reply.
The bottle was discovered by 13-year-old Daniil Korotkikh, a Russian boy who was walking along the beach with his parent…