Squatting is the New Trend in Using the Toilet
Have you been using the loo wrong? Well Buzzfeed posted an article to educate the public on the cleanest way to use the toilet.
We all know that public bathrooms are one of the germiest places. Many people choose to cover the seat with toilet paper to bring give them ease while going...
Where Germs Like To Hide In Your Home
Like me, you may be a "Clean Freak" who shows signs similar to those of someone with an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  Using every cleaner on the market to disinfect, shine and freshen to the point where you may be safe eating off it.  But there are quite a few places ge…
Germ Freaks Beware!
Uh, oh!  For those of us who use a towel or sleeve to open bathroom doors ... our job to fight germs has just gotten a little harder to manage.
Are ATM machines just as dirty as a public restroom?
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