Half-Off Golf
Macatawa Golf - $52 for $26

The Highlands - $50 for $25

HawksHead Links - $75 for $37.50

Tiger Woods old house…DEMOLISHED!
Don't know if you heard, but Tiger Woods had some love issue's not too long ago.  Something about him having more golf clubs in the bag then he should have, as I recall.  Well, either way, he lost his home in the process to his ex Elin Nordegren...
West Michigan High Schools Win State Championships
For the third straight weekend West Michigan high schools have won state multiple state championships!
Rockford won the Division 1 baseball championship 5-4.
Mattawan won the Division 1 softball championship 12-0. Senior Lauren Gevaart threw a no-hitter.  What a way to finish off y…
Putting Through Tiger Woods’ New Digs!
Tiger Woods used to be a household name that everyone trusted ... until he publicly fessed-up to cheating on his wife.
The golfer has since divorced and re-entered the game at the Farmers Insurance Open.
Although he tied for 44th place, Tiger is still making enough to afford his newly renovated mini g…