Michigan’s 10 Best Jobs for College Graduates
We're only a few months away from another college graduation, and a lot of college graduates are going to be jumping into the job market, looking for lots of money. We all know how tough things can be in the real world, so here are some ideas for those of you graduating this spring. These are the mo…
Soldier Surprises Sister at Graduation [VIDEO]
Check out the video of a California Polytechnic Institute graduate getting the gift of her brother returning from the Middle East to be at his sister's graduation.
(You might want to grab a Kleenex first...just saying.)
Pinckney Student Takes First Steps At Graduation [VIDEO]
Angeline Lavasseur didn't want to break the time-honored tradition of graduates walking to get their diplomas at graduation.
The 18-year-old girl, who has been confined to a wheelchair throughout her childhood after being born with spina bifida, recently walked across the stage to pick up her di…
Awesomely Bad Senior Pictures!
Yeah...that's me.
What used to be a quick stop at the portrait studio with maybe an outfit or a cap and gown is now a multi-day full blown production number, with location shoots and outfits that rival fashion magazines, all in the name of capturing a shot that says, "Yeah, I made it ou…