Grammy Awards

Wendy Reed on The Grammys, Tweet-Style
Check out some of Wendy Reed's thoughts tonight on the Grammy Awards via her tweets and re-tweets on Twitter.
When did Pharell join the mounties? #Grammys2014
— Wendy Reed (@loosewendy) January 26, 2014
The Grammys haven't even started yet and my boyfriend is already complaining about t…
2013 Grammys – Worst Dressed [PHOTOS]
Two of music's biggest voices - Adele and Beyonce - landed on the Worst Dressed list at the 2013 Grammys. That's not something we expect from either fashionable diva. But you know what, Katy Perry and her unsupported knockers also ended up on this list. So did her beau John Mayer for his Joker-like …
2013 Grammys – Best Dressed [PHOTOS]
Gorgeous ladies and gorgeous gowns prevailed at the 2013 Grammys. With the dress code a topic of conversation leading up to the event, we were all watching to see who would take liberties with the sanctions against butt cracks, side boobs and nip slips.
Jennifer Lopez and Kelly Rowland did just that…