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Strawberry Billboard Update: Mystery Solved!
Yesterday, we had a very controversial, on-going topic during the show and on Facebook... what is this strawberry billboard supposed to mean?!
I noticed the billboard on Monday afternoon when I was driving home and I couldn't figure out why it was just a strawberry...
What Does This Strawberry Billboard Mean? [Picture]
Have you ever looked at a billboard and thought WTF? That's what happened to me yesterday afternoon.
I was driving home when I passed by a billboard, on the corner of 44th and Kalamazoo in Kentwood, with a giant strawberry on it. That was it...
Inside the 2016 Grand Rapids’ Pride Festival
A lot of people don’t truly understand why we have pride festivals around the country.  What does it mean? Since we have marriage equality, do we still need Pride? The short answer is yes.
The long answer would go into detail about how society has been taught to shun and shame those who ar…
Musketawa Trail: Gold Spike Trail Tour III [Photos]
Last weekend, the Friends of the Musketawa Trail hosted the Gold Spike Trail Tour. The biennial event covered the entire Musketawa Trail, running from Marne to Muskegon, and connected with the Fred Meijer Pioneer Trail in Grand Rapids to the east.
Grand Rapids Has A New Fire Chief
It's been five months since former Grand Rapids' Fire Chief Laura Knapp retired. Since January the city has been looking for her replacement and today (May 31st) they finally have announced the new chief.  John Lehman has been named Grand Rapids' fire chief, and he comes with ple…
The Streets Can Be A Scary Place!
Irrational Fear, Merriam-Webster defines it as:  “not governed by or according to reason.” But try telling that to our psyche!  Almost everyone has at least one irrational fear, maybe it’s bridges, elevators or even dryer lint (whaa...

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