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Thousands of Beads Taken From ArtPrize Entry
Jeffrey Augustine Songco’s ArtPrize installation “Revelry” at Calder Plaza is a 200 foot long chain link fence originally decorated with 2,700 pounds of Mardi Gras beads.
Only a fraction of those beads remain after most were taken by ArtPrize visitors o…
Inside SiTE:LAB and GRAM at ArtPrize Seven [Photos]
With 1,550 entries at over 160 venues, it's nearly impossible to see everything at ArtPrize Seven.
We'll help you discover more of the artists and work at ArtPrize with a closer look at venues throughout the event.
Take a look inside SiTE:LAB and GRAM at ArtPrize Seven.
Grand Rapids, A City Others Are Looking Up To
We already know this city is amazing, but it's cool to know other cities of similar sizes are trying to figure out how they too can polish themselves like Grand Rapids has over the last decade.
Parking at ArtPrize
Over 440,000 people visited ArtPrize in 2014. ArtPrize helps to make navigating the crowds easier with options for those traveling by bike or bus, but alternative transportation is not always an option.
Check our guide to parking in Grand Rapids during ArtPrize.
Connie’s Restaurant Review
Boy oh boy did I get lucky with this one. For Restaurant Week, 2015 I got the honor to go to Rose's on Reeds Lake. I wasn't the ONLY one who got lucky though... I took a friend of mine along with me, because she had never (GASP!) been to Rose's! Can you imagine?? Neither could I.

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