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Daddy’s Dough Stops By To Discuss Cookies And Dessert Wars
Dessert Wars (which is sold out) is this Friday at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel.  For the past few weeks, we’ve had some of the bakeries and restaurants stop by and show us what they’re bringing to the big event.
Today, MarcQus and Tawanna, the owners of Daddy’s Dough, stopped b…
Scented Candle Smells for 12 West Michigan Cities
We love West Michigan and all of the sights, sounds and smells it brings throughout the year. Well, at least most of the smells.
What if you could take all of those smells home with you in a scented candle?
Here's what it would smell like if you could.
Grand Rapids Tops Lots of Great Cities Lists
While some people might feel that 2016 was a horrible year, it was a great year for our city, as Grand Rapids made a bunch of lists as one of the top cities to do, well basically, anything! From best quality of life, to best place to start a business, Grand Rapids is a fantastic place to be! Talk ab…

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