I Had Kylie Jenner Lips for a Day (Sort of) [Pictures]
Ever since Kylie Jenner admitted to getting her lips done I feel like there has been a lip craze. Celebrities and even everyday people have gotten lip injections or tried makeup tricks to make their lips bigger and more plump.
While I do admit to being obsessed with Kylie's lip kit I&a…
The Great Townsquare Grand Rapids Tiny Pumpkin Carving Contest
Earlier this month, several of us were attending the wedding of one of ours, Julie. As part of her table decorations, she had these super tiny pumpkins at each place setting, and being the DJ jerks we are, we promptly stole some to make a silly video. FREE STUFF!
We decided to have a contest to see i…
Where Did This Cookie Come From? And Do I Eat It? [Video]
Just in case you're wondering, I OBVIOUSLY ate the cookie but it wasn't an instant decision.
When I came into work the other day I found a cookie sitting on my desk. It was the first thing I noticed and I got super excited. I asked my co-worker, whom I share an office with, and he said it w…
Do You Want Salmonella? No? Than Stop Kissing Chickens, CDC Warns
I didn't know kissing chickens were a thing but apparently it is... and you need to stop now!
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released a new study, which spanned over 24 years, found a correlation between the increase of having backyard chickens as pets and salmonella outbreaks..…
Man Finds Love By Texting Number Written on Bathroom Stall
You know when you go to a public bathroom and how some have things written all over the stalls, and sometimes you'll see "for a good time call (number)?" Have you ever actually been tempted to call that number?
This guy must've been really desperate because he did jus…

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