22 Times Instagram Was Totally Right With #OnlyInMichigan
Truth, Michigan is a pretty special place.  We’ve got tons of natural beauty and wilderness, along with a Great Lake on either side of the state.  We said no thanks to Cleveland and instead, we took over part of Canada. (Good move!)  We’re known for building cars, brewing …
Your Instagram Pictures Are A Tell-Tale If You’re Depressed
Great, now Instagram can tell if you happy or depressed!
How can they tell?  Do you take a lot of black and white photos?  It may not just be a sign of you being artsy with the camera.
Some researchers from Harvard and University of Vermont analyzed 150 people's Instagram photos and tal…
Ethiopia Blocks Social Media for College Exams
Wanting to procrastinate while studying for your mid-term or finals? No problem, go for it. Here in America being on Social Media is like waking up or brushing your teeth. The freedoms we have to use it is endless. When it comes to college, social media is a college student's way of keeping up …
Taking Pictures of Your Food Makes it Taste Better [Photos]
Are you someone who takes pictures of their food and then posts it on social media?
I am definitely one of those people. BUT I don't do this for EVERYTHING I eat. Only when I'm at a really good restaurant or the food looks really tasty and is presented nicely...
Netflix Wants to Pay You $4,000 to Instagram
Do you need a job? Do you have an Instagram? Can you travel? You're hired!
Netflix is looking to hire four people as "Grammasters." According to Business Insider, each person will get to spend 2 weeks on a Netflix set in Europe and the Middle East and take pictures fo…

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