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Internet Gold: Vol. 13
Shoes and Jewelry!  Why haven't I touched on the subjects before with Internet Gold?  Easy answer - I don't usually shop for shoes and jewelry.  Anyway, getting past the obvious, I found a few great websites that should definitely be bookmarked if you are a shoe/je…
Internet Gold: Vol. 12
Well it's been a little bit since my last Internet Gold post, but it's back and BETTER THAN EVER!  This week's Internet Gold is focused on saving you some money, and perhaps even letting you earn a few bucks here and there.  So, let's get right to it!  Click '…
Internet Gold: Vol. 12
"Awwwwwww look at the cute kittens!!!", is what I said when I found one of the website's in this week's Internet Gold.  If you are new to this weekly article, lemme give you a breakdown... Each week I (Steve, your Kidd Kraddick in the Morning weather/traffic dude) scour the internet for co…
Internet Gold: Vol. 10
This week's internet gold has a little bit of everything... some really cool/funny viral videos, a few hilarious websites and a website that claims to make you cooler!  So let's get this started!  Welcome to Internet Gold: Volume 10!
Internet Gold: Vol. 9
It's time for another round of 'Internet Gold'!  This week I will feature a very cool picture gallery, a nice complimentary website for facebook, and a heart warming viral video (which in turn lead me to a pretty great folk song)
Internet Gold: Vol. 8
It's 'Internet Gold' time!  This week I have a few viral videos and a cool website.  If you like Homer Simpson... Usher... Patty Cake... Kitty Cats... and Entertaining Your Children... then this weeks 'Internet Gold' is FOR YOU!
Internet Gold: Vol. 7
Greetings all!  This week I have some cool websites that are off the beaten path but are pretty cool if you enjoy their niche... or if you are looking for a niche to explore!
Internet Gold: Vol. 6
This round of 'Internet Gold' contains several websites that I use pretty regularly to find websites to feature.  You too can find your own 'Internet Gold'!  Click 'read more' for this edition of 'Internet Gold'.
Internet Gold: Vol. 5
This week I have an entire series of somewhat 'viral videos', a website that will help you find your own Internet Gold, and a fun Facebook app to sum up your year in social networking!  OK, Let's get right into it.
Internet Gold: Vol. 4
It's that time of the week again!  Time for me to bestow upon thee some more Internet Gold!  This edition has some humor, some obscure webpages, and some statistics for your edification.  Well lets get started... HERE... IS... YOUR... INTERNET GOLD!
Internet Gold: Vol. 3
This weeks Internet Gold will focus on a few cool videos I came across recently.  I love me some viral videos!  But what I like more than that are videos that haven't quite gone viral yet, or better yet, videos that will probably never go viral.  So sit back relax and check out s…

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