What Disease are Michiganders Most Concerned About Getting?
As the internet fills with more and more information, both helpful and useless, we've learned to Google everything. I mean, everything. Some people Google "how to Google something". Not kidding. But one thing people search for a lot, is disease symptoms. Everything from diabet…
Mom Comes Up With Best Way to Get Kids to Do Chores [Picture]
Getting your kids to do chores can be rough because let's be honest... what kid ACTUALLY wants to do their chores? That's why you have to be creative with it or give them some type of incentive.
A picture has gone viral because of a Mom's genius way of making her kids do their chores..…
Things People Would Give Up for the Internet
Can you imagine life without the internet? Probably not. It's apart of our daily lives... we use it for almost everything! But would you risk losing the internet to save a life? Surprisingly (or maybe not) a lot of people would do, or not do, anything to stay connected to their precious in…
Young People Would Rather Have Internet than Daylight
This generation really is something else.
According to the Huffington Post, A British survey of young people between the ages of 18 and 25, asked them to name five things that were important for their quality of life.
Freedom of speech was number one on the list (81%)...
Help The Internet Find This Couple
While on vacation in Paris Jen Bohn was visiting the Eiffel Tower when she witnessed a couple getting engaged.
Jen decided to snap some pictures of the moment between the young couple and wasn't able to get to over to them to let them know so now she is asking the internet for help...
Study: Cat Videos Are Good for Your Health
If you're searching for affirmation about your cat-loving habits, look no further: science has now shown us that watching cat videos online can be healthy for your emotional well-being and productivity.
According to a recent study by Jessica Myrick at Indiana University, the emotional payoff of watch…
Is This Cat Going Up the Stairs Or Down?
First the internet had us arguing over whether or not a dress was blue and black or white and gold.
Thankfully we found out the answer (blue and black) and we could put all our minds to rest.
Till now...
Yes once again the internet has found another mind boggling picture to drive us crazy and create ar…
FCC Approves Net Neutrality Rules For Open Internet
The Federal Communications Commission voted 3-2 Thursday to adopt net neutrality rules for an open internet.
The FCC's decision makes for regulating internet service providers like public utilities, prohibiting companies from charging for faster lanes on the internet.

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