iPad for babies?
How do you feel about this? Fisher Price has introduced a new bouncy seat for babies that comes complete with a tablet holder.
It's called the  "Apptivity Seat for iPad." So your baby is hanging out in his chair and learning from the apps...
The Winner Of The Ultimate Andy Grammer Fan Experience
The past few weeks we have been getting you qualified for the Ultimate Andy Grammer Fan Experience, which included tickets to his show at Interlochen, meet and greet passes, Andy's own personal iPad, the ability to be Andy's personal photographer and an overnight stay and a nice …
Wanna Win Andy Grammer’s IPad?
Wanna win a sweet experience to see and meet Andy Grammer... Oh, and win his own personal iPad? On June 30th, Andy will be doing a concert in Interlochen, and Channel 95-7 wants to hook you up with special access so you can take pictures and videos of the concert.
Yep, that's right, you wil…
8-Year-Old Uses App to Solve Crime (Video)
After his family's Tennessee  home was burglarized, 8-year-old Landon Crabtree decided to do something about it. Among the items taken were two iPads. The clever kid did some  internet searching and found an app that would help him locate his stolen property. A modern day Encyclopedia Brown, right? …
#1 Thing On Kids’ Christmas Lists This Year? iPad.
Think back to when you were a kid, what was the top thing on your Christmas list? I'm pretty sure that between the ages of 6 and 12, mine varied, but always included the latest book in whatever series I happened to be reading (Berenstein Bears, Babysitter's Club, etc.), some form of Nintendo game (w…
Zeeland Students Receive iPads [VIDEO]
Zeeland teachers have been trained how to use iPads, now it's the students' turn.  Zeeland high school students have received iPads.
Middle school students will get iPads later in the school year.
iPad Offers Games For Your Cat! [VIDEO]
What a scream!  If your cat wasn't already competitive when it comes to chasing down a dangling thread from your skirt or chasing a mouse out of the house ... imagine your cat playing video games on your iPad!!
Like humans, I'm thinking not every cat is techno-savvy.  However, it …

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