An Interview With Kelly Clarkson [Video]
J-Si and Shanon from Kidd Kraddick in the Morning had a chance to sit down with Kelly Clarkson before the Grammys.  Apparently, Shanon has a huge crush on Kelly, and it really shows in this interview.  Prepare to get awkward as J-Si reads a piece of fan mail that Shanon had sent …
Who’s The Bigger Man – Race Track Challenge [VIDEO]
Who is the bigger man!?  Jenna or Kidd, Al & J-Si?  Jenna is leading the competition 4 challenge wins to 2.  The competition is best of 10 so Jenna is a mere 2 wins away from total victory!  Will she be able to claim that she is the biggest man on the show?  Watch today's challenge and find out!
Ke$ha Gives J-Si A Tattoo – Kidd Kraddick Interview [AUDIO]
J-Si from Kidd Kraddick in the Morning caught up with overnight pop sensation, Ke$ha, for an interview.  What started off innocently enough eventually turned into something straight out of prison movie.  J-Si got a little insight into what Ke$ha's tour was all about, but what didn't predict is what …