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Meet Saint West! Kim Kardashian Shares First Photo
After 3 months of waiting, we finally get to see Kim Kardashian West's and & Kanye West's second baby, Saint West. And just as you'd expect, he's absolutely adorable!
Kim shared the picture on her app and website saying:
Today is my dad's birthday. I ...
Why People Have “Resting Bitch Face” According to Science
Do you know anyone who constantly looks like their in a pissed off mood? Rarely smiling? They almost look inapproachable. These people are victims of RBF or better known as "Resting Bitch Face". Think of actress, Kristen Stewart.
The Washington Post reports that scien…
Kim Kardashian Wants a $1 Million Push Present
To  be honest with you, I have never heard of a "push present" until Kim Kardashian West wrote a blog about it on her website. If you're in the same boat as I am a push present is a gift the husband gives his wife for pushing out their baby...

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