Best Husband Ever Drives 870 Miles to Get His Wife KFC
What would you do for the love of your life? Just about anything, right? (or at least you should be willing to).
This guy would and he's probably the best husband ever for what he does for his wife every year.
According to CBC, in order to keep their 15 year wedding tradition, Mike Hova…
Crispy KFC with a Side of Photo Printing [Video]
Let's face it: we love to multitask. And now KFC is making it easier, allowing us to indulge in their crispy chicken while simultaneously sharing our photo memories—analog style.
"Bucket Science" they call it, and as they show in this product video, you too could be a millennial sitting aro…
KFC Has New Edible Coffee Mug
KFC is bringing fast food to a new level! Tuesday they unveiled a completely edible cookie coffee cup called the “Scoff-ee Cup."
The cookie is made from a special wafer/biscuit that is wrapped in sugar paper. It also has a layer of heat resistant white chocolate so …
Huge Bucket Of KFC Ends Up In Woman’s Yard [Video]
If this ever happened to me I would be excited, but a woman from the small town of Waynesboro, Georgia stumbled across a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken in her yard. Not just any normal size bucket of chicken, but a 7 FOOT TALL bucket of KFC.