FREEBIES for Students & Kids at Chipotle Throughout September
Ever since the food-borne illness scandal, Chipotle has lost some stock so in order to boost sales and get customers back in the door, Chipotle is offering two promotions through the month of September.
EVERY Sunday , kids will eat for FREE with the purchase of one entree...
Michigan is the Worst State for Bullying
Some unfortunate news for Michigan.
WalletHub has ranked Michigan as the #1 state in the country with the biggest bullying problem.
With kids on their way back to school WalletHub looked at the prevalence and prevention of bullying in schools across the country...
What Time Should Your Child Go to Bed? This Chart Helps You Out
With back to school being right around the corner your kids have to start getting used to going to bed at a decent time (again).
Do you have a bedtime for your kid(s)? Have you found that the time you're putting them to bed works? It can be difficult to figure out because you don't want them to go to…
Mom Comes Up With Best Way to Get Kids to Do Chores [Picture]
Getting your kids to do chores can be rough because let's be honest... what kid ACTUALLY wants to do their chores? That's why you have to be creative with it or give them some type of incentive.
A picture has gone viral because of a Mom's genius way of making her kids do their chores..…
American Girl Opening First Store in Michigan
If you grew up loving and collecting American Girl dolls, or your child currently does, you'll love this!
The first American Girl store, in Michigan, will open later this summer. The store is set to open at the Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi on August 6th...

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