Get a Free Burrito From Qdoba in Exchange for a Kiss!
Since it's the season of love, Qdoba wants to celebrate with you!
And what better way to show love than a free burrito?
If you stop in to Qdoba on Valentine's Day and kiss someone you get a buy-one-get-one entree! That someone can include your significant other, your friend, or even the…
KISS Rocker Gene Simmons & Shannon Tweed Finally Get Married!
I'll admit it, I'm a Gene Simmons fan. My mother doesn't understand this: "Janna, he's a disgusting womanizer. And what about that hair?" She is right on both accounts, but for some reason I still find him charming. Well, as a womanizer, of course charm would be one of his strong points. I…
92-Year-Old Woman Shoots at Neighbor’s House After He Denies Kiss
Based on actions displayed by Helen B. Staudinger earlier this week, she's what you'd refer to as a feisty female.
On Monday evening, the 92-year-old visited her friend/neighbor's house and before departing requested a kiss. The neighbor, 53-year-old Dwight Bettner, declined the offer and asked Staud…