This Baby’s Laugh Will Make You Laugh [Video]
The two things we all love watching on the internet are funny videos of kids and animals. Today, it's cute video is brought to you by a baby named Brooklyn.
We can agree that there's nothing like hearing a baby laugh. It brings so much joy and that's exactly what Brooklyn does...
Adorable Baby Loves Her Cat [Video]
The internet almost broke today when it found a clip that combines some of our favorite things: cat videos and baby videos. No longer is there a need to settle for one of the two.
This baby can't stop laughing when her parents bring the family cat into the room—and we think she is all the …
Want To See A Camel Laughing Because He Was Tickled [Video]
I always get a kick out of funny animal videos, even if it is as something as simple as the animal laughing because it is being tickled. First off, I never heard an animal laugh because it was being tickled, let alone, a Camel.
Second, don't if he is laughing or simply responding, but it's…
Laughing Baby Won’t Laugh For Matt Lauer
Micah, the laughing baby, became an Internet sensation this week when a YouTube video of him laughing hysterically as his father ripped up a piece of paper went viral.
Micah's parent's took the charming 10-month old on a bit of a media tour Friday, which included a stop at "The Today Show."