Griffins Win Another “Big Time” Award [Video]
Congratulations to the Grand Rapids Griffins! Yes, we know they won the Calder Cup this year, way to go, but they also won another special award.
Their’ “LEGO – I Wanna Drive the Zamboni” video won a Golden Matrix Award for Best Music Video at the 2017 Information Display and …
Kid Destroys a $15K Lego Statue [Picture]
It's inevitable. When you have kids they're bound to destroy or ruin something and that's exactly what this 4-year-old boy, in China, did. So bad its gone viral.
According to WGN-TV a $15,000 Lego statue of the fox, from the Disney movie Zootopia, was standing tall at a Chine…
What Was That In Your Nose? [Video]
For roughly the past few years, a six-year-old boy named Isaak Lasson has had some major issues with his sinuses and found it very hard to sleep. Nobody has really been able to figure out what has been troubling Isaac and causing his sinus problems.