The Ultimate Grand Rapids Lenten Fish Fry Guide
Lent has begun and thousands of West Michigan Catholics will observe the Lenten practice of abstaining from meat each Friday until Easter while many parishes in the Diocese of Grand Rapids will host Friday fish fries.
View our guide to Lenten fish fries in Grand Rapids with times, prices, menus …
Five Things I Should Give Up For Lent – But Won’t
It's that time of year again! Lent! This Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, and for all of the good Catholics out there, it's the time to give up something that means a lot to them (as a form of penance? I honestly don't know what Lent is about other than giving up things...
2015 West Michigan Lenten Fish Fry Guide
It’s Lent. And that means it’s almost fish fry season!
There are dozens of fish fries around West Michigan during Lent. And we've compiled a full list for you. (If you notice one that we've missed, please comment below and we'll add it!)
Could You Give Up Facebook For Lent?
With tomorrow beginning the season of Lent, you'll hear about people giving up things like chocolate, soda, or alcohol.  Now, some groups are suggesting that people give up Facebook for 40 days, claiming that by foregoing social media, it will allow you to focus on the message of Easter sa…