Grand Rapids Tops Lots of Great Cities Lists
While some people might feel that 2016 was a horrible year, it was a great year for our city, as Grand Rapids made a bunch of lists as one of the top cities to do, well basically, anything! From best quality of life, to best place to start a business, Grand Rapids is a fantastic place to be! Talk ab…
Josh’s Random Top 5: What I’ve Been Up To This Summer [List]
If you’re bored and looking for some random things to do, or are just curious about how I spend my time, this is for you!
This has been one of the busiest summers of my life. It’s kind of crazy because I think everyone assumes I spend hours with Netflix, but that hasn’t been the cas…
15 Stores Every ’90s Girl Misses
If you grew up in the 90s, the mall was the place to be, and of course as it is today, the place to get the best fashion.
BuzzFeed decided to take a trip down memory lane with the 15 mall stores every '90s girl misses.