Little Girl

West Michigan Girl Looking For a Miracle
Lola DeYoung, a nine year old from Grandville has Leukemia, a battle she's had for nearly half her life. The family is now looking for a bone marrow donor to help provided therapy after two failed treatments.
The only problem? No one in the family or in the 20 million person registry match Lola&…
Little Girl Plays With Dead Squirrel [VIDEO]
What happens when your daughter brings home a dead squirrel and decides to play with it? Why, you pull out the video camera, of course!
That's exactly what two dumbfounded parents did in this video, in which their adorable little daughter decided to befriend a squirrel killed moments earlier by the f…
Little Girl Knows What She Wants
11-year-old Anna Graceman is a singer/songwriter who posts all of her music on YouTube (username: AnnaGraceMusic). Apparently, 5-year-old sister was  feeling a little left out, so Anna decided to take a video of her talking about her outlook on life.
In this video, which is an excerpt of a 15-minute-…
8 Year Old Girl Gets Help With The National Anthem
Sports fans aren't known for their niceness, generally. They heckle, they yell, they sometimes throw things. But, when the microphone cut out right in the middle of 8-year-old Elizabeth Hughes's national anthem before a hockey game in Norfolk. The crowd took it from there.