$1 Million Lotto Ticket Sold in Muskegon
Buy a lottery ticket in Muskegon recently? Check your ticket!
Wood TV 8 reports that a Mega Millions ticket sold in Muskegon matched all five white balls drawn Friday, August 4.
Woman Cleans Out Purse, Finds Winning Lotto Ticket
Cleaning out a purse is a chore in itself but it's always nice to see what you can discover dug deep into it. I love when I find things that I forgot I had or thought I lost. But a woman, from Ireland, really hit the jackpot (literally) when cleaning out her over-stuffed purse...
Things You Should Do If You Win the Lottery
**UPDATE**: Nobody won the big jackpot on Wednesday so now the Powerball is the highest it's ever been at $700 million! The next drawing will be Saturday, January 9th.
The Powerball is currently worth $450 million and is going to be drawn at 10:59 p.m. t...

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