Couples Who Drink Together, Stay Together
If you want to solidify your relationship even more with your significant other and make it stronger just throw back some shots and drink the night away!
A study, conducted by the University of Michigan, of almost 3,000 married U.S. couples 50 and older
The Professions That Are Least Likely to Divorce
The secret to a long-lasting marriage includes things like good communication, compromise, love... and possibly marrying the right profession.
According to, a study in the Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, looked at the correlation between divorce and types of occupation...
Woman Suing Her Husband After He Secretly Divorced Her
After 20 years of marriage you would think this couple has a strong relationship. Eh, maybe not so much.
59-year-old Cristina Carta Villa is suing her 90-year-old husband after learning he secretly divorced her only FOUR MONTHS after they were married...

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