This App Will Tell You When You Should Have Gotten Married
Just in time to completely depress you before Valentine's Day, Time magazine has a new Facebook app that will help pinpoint the exact date you probably should be getting married (or should have gotten married if that age has already passed you by). How helpful.
Sadie Hawkins Day Poll: Would You Propose To Your Man?
Today (Tuesday) is Sadie Hawkins Day! (You're not alone if you have no idea what that is, by the way.) This day, inspired by the 1930's comic strip "Lil' Abner" is basically a day when traditional roles are reversed and girls are expected to ask boys out, instead of it being the other way …
Groom Cheats on Bride at Reception
This is the kind of headline you read and think "No way. No one can be that big of a douche." Well-- way. This guy is. A few hours after his own wedding, a 27-year-old Austrian groom had sex with a waitress... at the reception. I wonder if he even waited until after they …

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