The Average Date Costs $180
Being in the dating world can be expensive. You've got tons of things to consider from grooming yourself and to the actual date itself.
The Daily Mail reports on a survey, done by, and found that the average date today costs $180...
The Best Time of the Year for Online Dating is NOW!
Are you hoping to find love this year? Or maybe someone you know is looking for love? NOW is the time!
Maxim says that the busiest day of the year for online dating is the Sunday after New Year's which was yesterday, January 3rd.
Plenty Of Fish predicts that signups will incre…
New Smartphone Sex Stats
According to a new survey, your choice of smart phone says a lot about your sex life. polled more than 1,000 singles and found, among other things, that Android users are more likely to hook up on the first date and partake in one night stands. What do think about that, Android users?!