Mean Tweets

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets (Movie Edition) [Video]
The Oscars are tonight (Sunday) where Hollywood's biggest actors and actresses are recognized and given accolades for their hard work and talent.
However, not everyone agrees with the Academies which is why Jimmy Kimmel had to gather up the celebrities to read the mean things peop…
Celebrities Read Mean Tweets (Music Edition) [Video]
It's time for another batch of 'Mean Tweets' where Jimmy Kimmel has celebrities read the mean things people say about them on Twitter.
This is the third installment to the music edition where different music artists and bands are reading the really rude (and funny) tweets about th…
Mean Tweets – NBA Edition [Video]
I few days ago we talked about Celebrity Mean Tweets, well today lets talk NBA Mean Tweets instead. This is where NBA players read mean tweets about themselves on Twitter.