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Woman Wins $1 Million Lotto While Vacationing in Michigan
Best vacation EVER!
While in Michigan to visit some friends last month, a Canadian woman and her husband stopped at a BP gas station in Macomb to fuel up. She also decided to test her luck and bought a Mega Million ticket.
The woman told the Michigan Lottery that
The clerk explained the game to me…
$1 Million Mega Millions Prize Still Unclaimed After Seven Months
The Michigan Lottery has a $1 million mystery, and it's waiting for a lucky player from West Michigan to come forward and solve it.
Seven months ago, one lucky ticket matched the first five numbers -– 25-28-36-45-53 –- in the Aug. 5, 2014 Mega Millions drawing to win $1 million. The …
$1 Million Mega Millions Ticket Sold At Kentwood Store
If you bought a Mega Millions ticket in Kentwood last night, you're going to want to double check your numbers.
A $1 million dollar winning ticket for Tuesday's drawing was sold at Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard, on Breton Road SE in Kentwood.
And the Winning Mega Millions Numbers Are …
Just for having the correct six numbers, tonight's estimated jackpot for the multi-state Mega Millions was $636 million -- or $341.2 million with the cash option.
The estimated jackpot for Mega Millions on Tuesday night was flirting with the record U.S. lottery jackpot of $656 million, awarded by Meg…
Win Millions With Channel 95-7!
So, the Mega Millions is up to a record high $640,000,000 and it seems everyone is running out to buy their tickets. Including us!
Now, we're not selfish, so we figured, if we win, we'd share the wealth with all of you! What do you have to do to share in our winnings? It's simple! Just "like&quo…
April Fool’s Day Comes A Few Days Early! [Video]
Imagine yourself walking into the Michigan lottery headquarters with a winning ticket worth millions ... then imagine the thought of not contributing to the workplace jackpot on the day that everyone got the numbers right!
That's what happened to a New York man who says he didn't feel lucky…