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Man Suing MSNBC Over Michael Jackson Death Interview
Even if Dr. Conrad Murray was looking to capitalize off of his story concerning Michael Jackson‘s death, one man is claiming he was writing about the pop star’s untimely passing long before the media. In what is surely one of the most twisted and bizarre lawsuits of all time, a man named Everett Wat…
15 Scariest Music Videos Ever (Video)
Halloween costume shopping this week has really put me in the mood for the holiday. While I do like the dressing up and celebrating part to Halloween, I'm not the hugest fan of the scary part-- horror movies, haunted houses, ghost stories. Hey, I'm kind of a wuss, OK? However, there is some fun to b…
Michael Jackson Tribute Concert Line-up Is Disappointing
So, the Michael Jackson tribute concert was supposed to be “the biggest and best concert in the world”?
Well, they lied.
The initial line-up has been revealed and it looks more like an episode of that MTV show where they tried to put bands back together. So who can we look forward to see…

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