Michigan Laws

New Michigan Bill Could Ban Cell Phone Use While Driving
Distracted driving is the number one cause of car accidents and cell phone use definitely falls in that category. You're always seeing billboards and PSA's for not texting while driving and a potential bill in Michigan could take it to the next level...
It Could Soon Be Easier To Own A Pistol in Michigan
If one lawmaker has his way, it may soon be easier and cheaper to own a pistol in the state of Michigan.
Currently, if you want to own, carry or transport a pistol in the “Mitten” state, you have to apply for a license and you can be charged a $250 fine if you’re caught with a pisto…
Roadside Drug Testing is One Step Closer to Becoming a Law in MI
We're all familiar with the B.A.C. test that is conducted when someone gets pulled over for drunk driving. The same idea is a step closer to being applied for drug use.
MLive reports that the Senate and House have both approved a bill which would allow roadside testing for drugs...

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