Millennials in Grand Rapids Are ‘Winning at Adulting’
Say what you want about the millennials but they stay winning! Especially the ones in Grand Rapids.
The Grand Rapids Business Journal reports on a new study that placed Grand Rapids as the #2 best city in the country for millennials. The study was done by real estate website, Trulia, and compared peo…
AMC Might Introduce Phone-Friendly Movie Theaters
It's pretty standard, when you go to the movies you turn your cell phone off or put it on silent once the movie starts. The lights, the sounds, everything about a cell phone in a movie theater is distracting.
However, if you're one of those people who CAN'T even live without your phone…
Millennials Are Causing Traffic Jams
If you already hate the rush hour traffic, you're going to hate reading this because according to officials from the U.S. Department of Justice, freeway traffic is expected to get worse, nationwide.
KTAR News reports that:
Since there are more millennials entering the workforce than there are baby boo…