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Obama And Romney Are Brothers – Kind Of
While the election was going on here in the U.S. a woman half way around the world decided that she needed to make sure that the names Barack Obama and Mitt Romney were tied together forever. At least in her small village in Kenya. Millicent Owuor, a 20-year-old new mother in Kenya gave birth to twi…
The Dumbest Boyfriend In The History Of History
Who would of thought something like this would happen in Tennessee? Lowell Turpin, a 40 year-old man from Knoxville, was arrested after allegedly assaulting his woman because he believed she was having an affair on him.
Republicans Visit West Michigan As Election Nears
When the Michigan primaries were moved up to earlier in the year than they traditionally have been the hope was that it would give Michigan a larger role in the primaries.  Mission accomplished.  There will be heavy campaigning going on all over the state this weekend.