Modernistic Mom

Modernistic Moms – Vote For Your Favorite
Sabrina has managed to pour through all of your awesome entries for our Modernistic Mom contest and had whittled the entries down to her top three.
All three stories are linked on our Facebook page, or you can read them by clicking here.
Read through them and decide which Modernistic Mom is your favor…
Modernistic Mom Nominee – Adam’s Mom
Dear Sabrina,
I would very much like to enter my mom into the amazing mother competition. This women is not even my real mother, yet loves me like her own. She is on medical leave at the moment from her full time job as a firefighter at a local township, do to breathing complications. She worked l…
Modernistic Mom Nominee – Brianne’s Mom
Dear Sabrina,
I would like to nominate my mother for the carpet cleaning contest.
My mother is my best friend and I cannot think of another person more deserving of this wonderful gift of clean carpet!  I no longer live at home; in fact I am married and have an eight- month old little girl of my very …
Modernistic Mom Nominee – Sherry
Oh Sabrina... I have the perfect woman that deserves this. I am sure you hear this in all of the emails you receive, but my mom, Sherry, totally deserves this. Let me explain a little bit more:
I am 28 years old, and was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer in January of this year (2011)...