Neil Patrick Harris

Who Is Your Celebrity Best Friend?
We all know that Curtis loves Buzzfeed quizzes so when he saw a quiz that tells you your celebrity best friend he knew he had to take it!  The Quiz asks you five pretty random questions and from your answers it determines your celebrity best friend...
10 ‘American Horror Story’ Facts to Take to the Grave
FX and Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story may reinvent itself each year, but did you know that each season shares at least some major connection? Or that major alum from The Walking Dead and Nine Inch Nails have worked behind the scenes? Lock your doors, and hide under the bed, the 26th epis…
2015 Oscars Tap Neil Patrick Harris to Host
If 'Gone Girl' hadn't made it official already, Neil Patrick Harris remains every bit a star of the silver screen as on TV and stage. And so, the 2015 Oscars have followed suit in recruiting the acclaimed personality to host the Academy Awards on ABC this coming February.
Neil Patrick Harris & Jason Segel Sing The Best Duet Ever [Video]
Tonight is going to be a sad, yet fulfilling, night for fans of the hit show "How I Met Your Mother". After nine seasons, the series finale of the show will air tonight on CBS.
Because of this, the cast has been making their rounds to talk about the show, and last week, the entire cast was …