New Kids On The Block

NKOTBSB in Grand Rapids!
NKOTBSB (New Kids On The Block and the Backstreet Boys) took over downtown Grand Rapids last night and put on an amazing show! Check out the pics from the show.
Being a Number One Fan isn't always easy OK? You gotta defend your favorite band against all idiotic comments (So what if Danny had a rat tail? So did all the boys in my kindergarten class), you have to have as much band merch as possible (speaking of, some of y'all had some crazy awesome shrine pic…
Joey McIntyre Will Be The New Dad On The Block
New Kids On the Block member, Joey McIntyre (who was my best friends favorite back in the day) is expecting a baby girl!
According to this article on, he and his wife Barrett are expecting a little girl later this year.
See And Meet NKOTBSB In Grand Rapids!
Ok ladies, don't lie, when the New Kids and the Backstreet Boys were in their prime back in the day, you loved them. In fact, you probably still love them now ("Hangin' Tough" on your iPod? I thought so.).
You probably had all of the buttons, posters, beach towels, board games, dolls, tradi…
NKOTBSB Mash-Up Album Due Out Before Van Andel Show
In advance of their May 26th appearance at Van Andel Arena ,  New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys will release a mash-up album featuring BOTH groups and their hits, mixed and remixed, along with new songs featuring both groups on vocals...
Channel 957 welcomes New Kids On The Block & the Backstreet Boys TOGETHER in concert at Van Andel Arena on Thursday May 26th!
My Childhood Fantasies Have Been Crushed
Sorry ladies, but if you were like me back in the day, and day dreamed about the day you would marry New Kid On The Block Jonathan Knight, it wasn't meant to be. Not only did I have his Barbie Doll, but of course I had the button that proudly proclaimed that I was "Jonathan's Girl".
Kellie’s Showbiz Top 5
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Top 5 Albums? That’s Hard
So today, I was asked what the top five albums that most vividly evoke a specific time of my life were. I, at first, thought it was an odd question to ask, but then thought about it and realized that it's hard to pick just five!
I remember the days though, of listening to the same album or same …
Backstreet Boy Back In Rehab!
They say it's not going to delay the rehearsals for their upcoming tour with New Kids On The Block, but apparently A.J. McLean from BSB is back in a substance abuse treatment center. McLean has admitted to having a drinking problem in the past, and is working on getting himself clean to hit the…
NKOTBSB Perform At The AMA’s
While there were a lot of great performances throughout the night Sunday night during the American Music Awards, the one that I was most excited for only proves that I am a true child of the 80′s/90′s.