New Years Eve

12 Cats Starting New Year’s Eve Partying Early
The hourly countdown to 2013 has officially begun, which means New Year's Eve preparations are in full swing. We're practicing our photobombing techniques, cranking up the tunes and bejeweling jean shorts, among other things. December 31st is the party of all parties, after all!
10 Perfectly-Timed New Year’s Photobombs
We're going to make a pretty huge statement right now ladies and gents, so brace yourselves: photobombing is hands down the best way to capture any sort of moment. Ruining a picture with that unexpectedly hilarious face or the addition of a random stranger in a photo simply adds that extra oomp…
Locking Lips at Midnight– What His New Year’s Kiss Means
Traditions abound on New Years Eve. There's the ball drop, the countdown, that weird Auld Lang Syne song (yes, I had to look up how to spell it), and of course, the kiss at midnight. If you're hanging out with someone new or looking to hook up with a stranger (not judging, totally for it, hey it's a…
Too Much Fun Last Night?
Have a bit too good of New Year's Eve?  They say there really aren't any tried and true cures for *ahem* overindulgence, but if laughter is the best medicine, this article from The Onion might have it right:
Ring In The New Year With Channel 957!
Join Channel 957 and Wendy Reed at the TGI Friday’s located in Downtown Grand Rapids and help us ring in the New Year!
You can party with them in their heated outdoor tent starting at 5pm (21 and up only) or enjoy the warmth of the dining room with dinner and drinks before the ball drops...