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And the Survey Says: Wine Beats Beer for Christmas
Much has been written about pairing wines with whatever you are serving up for dinner, or whether a stout or an IPA would best accompany that stew on your stove.
But when it comes to alcoholic beverage choices for American adults, how much does when factor into the type of drink one chooses?
New Year’s Resolutions
There was a time when I use to come up with a resolution of my own every year, either losing weight or spending less on fantasy football. Those never actually turn out well for me, because I fail at fixing both each year.
New Years With 95-7 At McFadden’s!
If, by now, you haven't made plans to be at McFadden’s this New Year's Eve - make ‘em. And if you already have plans -- CHANGE ‘EM. Come join 95-7 as we will be ringing in the New Year the way it’s meant to be, in style, with The Glitz and Glamour Party at McFadden’s. Your $25 gets you into McFadden…
10 Hangover Remedies: What Works?
Well with the new year approaching  so is the time of going to parties, drinking and yes of course the day after. So what to do when your head is pounding, and you are, well lets just say it hungover
239 Ways To Drink Champagne
Why not get a little creative with your New Year's champagne this year?
There are countless ways to mix champagne.  Well, maybe not countless, I counted 239. 
Try a couple and let us know which are the best and which are not fit for human consumption...