The Detroit Lions Need To Re-sign Matthew Stafford
Training camp is right around the corner in the NFL. Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions are coming into this season following a 9-7 record and a playoff appearance.
Stafford is going into his last season of his three-year, $53 million deal...
The Detroit Lions are (Finally) Getting Cheerleaders!
For the first time in franchise history, the Detroit Lions will be adding cheerleaders.
According to the Lions were one out of six teams without them but
...after conducting some internal research and receiving the approval of owner Martha Firestone Ford, have elected to add a squad for the …
Hilarious Attempt at Lip Reading
Hilarious new video from  the BLR youtube video team is second NFL bad lip reading video of 2016.  They watch NFL stars with the tv muted and attempt to figure out what they are saying solely by reading their lips.  The results are hilarious and usually nonsense...

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