NKOTBSB London Concert to Hit Theaters
Fans who can’t make it to the big NKOTBSB concert at London’s O2 arena later this month will have a chance to witness the show live throughout theaters across Europe. The Backstreet Boys announced the arrangement in a post on their website.
Joey McIntyre Tweets Picture of New Daughter
For fans who remember the days when a too-young-to-shave Joey McIntyre was the littlest New Kid on the Block, it might hardly seem possible that he’s a father — but McIntyre and his wife, Barrett, added a new member to their growing brood on May 31, and he used Twitter to share a snapshot over the w…
NKOTBSB on the ‘Today’ Show
My Friday was made even better with an amazing dose of  NKOTBSB. The were on the ‘Today’ show this morning, performing a mash-up of  two of my favorite songs!
The audience was filled with screaming girls, a mix of women who grew up on NKOTB and BSB, and those who are experienc…
NKOTBSB in Grand Rapids!
NKOTBSB (New Kids On The Block and the Backstreet Boys) took over downtown Grand Rapids last night and put on an amazing show! Check out the pics from the show.
Being a Number One Fan isn't always easy OK? You gotta defend your favorite band against all idiotic comments (So what if Danny had a rat tail? So did all the boys in my kindergarten class), you have to have as much band merch as possible (speaking of, some of y'all had some crazy awesome shrine pic…
Vote For Your Favorite NKOTBSB Shrine
We put out the call, and you guys answered! Looks like we have a lot of listeners who are total NKOTBSB fanatics!
Now, it's up to you. Look through the gallery and choose your favorite shrine, then click here to vote. You have to be a Channel 957 Friend With Benefits in order to vote, so sign up…
Joey McIntyre Will Be The New Dad On The Block
New Kids On the Block member, Joey McIntyre (who was my best friends favorite back in the day) is expecting a baby girl!
According to this article on msn.com, he and his wife Barrett are expecting a little girl later this year.
See And Meet NKOTBSB In Grand Rapids!
Ok ladies, don't lie, when the New Kids and the Backstreet Boys were in their prime back in the day, you loved them. In fact, you probably still love them now ("Hangin' Tough" on your iPod? I thought so.).
You probably had all of the buttons, posters, beach towels, board games, dolls, tradi…
New Albums & Summer Tours [AUDIO]
Four major artists are either going on tour or cranking out new albums this summer including Natasha Bedingfield, Daughtry, Lady Antebellum and Jordan Knight of New Kids on the Block!
You can see Jordan in concert when NKOTBSB hit the stage at Van Andel Arena May 24th, but he also says that he's…
NKOTBSB New Single Scoop!
In 52 days ... the NKOTBSB are going to rock Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids in a way that will be remembered by those of us who grew up falling in and out of love with these guys!!
Be honest ... who didn't like NKOTB Donnie and then later switch to drooling over BSB A.J. or Howie? All of t…

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