How to Make a Michigander Mad (Spoiler: You Don’t Want To)
Michiganders for the most part are nice and welcoming people. We have a Midwestern hospitality but we also can get feisty if you piss us off. That's something you want to avoid.
Think of this as a guide as to what not to do/say in front of someone from Michigan...
More Footage of the World’s Largest Shark [Video]
Sharks have been in the news a lot lately but this one takes the cake. Coming in at 20 feet this is the largest shark in the world!
Last year for shark week, an aquatics researched recorded footage of this huge shark named Deep Blue. The great white shark was featured on Discover channel's Shark…
Great White Shark Saved [Video]
With it being July and 'Shark Week' is a big TV  event for most people, it is safe to say that sharks don't have the best history.
That has somewhat changed after a video has gone viral of a great white shark that was  beached in Cape Cod...