Goat Yoga Coming to Michigan!!
The new trend of Goat Yoga, which originated in owner Lainey Morse's Oregon farm has deemed an interest in opening a franchise in Michigan!
Morse states that the idea took off with such force that she decided to quit her jobs in marketing and photography to focus on her classes...
Did This Dog Just Find Bigfoot??
I just came across this video and it’s crazy!
Last September someone strapped a GoPro on to their dog in Oregon.  The dog ran off into the woods and did what dogs do…. FOUND BIGFOOT!!
Now in fairness, it’s blurry (as is all Bigfoot footage) and the dog doesn’t bark, which…
More Stupid Criminals Busted
Fighting identity theft doesn't get any easier than this. In Oregon this past weekend, a 28-year-old man named David Henneman, was asking his bank teller to freeze his account because someone has been cashing forged checks in his name to the tune of $700.