I Almost Got Shot Trying to Sneak Into My Parents’ House
Have you ever got caught sneaking in or out of the house when you were a kid? Or maybe you caught one of your kids doing that? This past weekend, my parents caught me and I almost got killed because of it.
It was Saturday night and I wasn't doing much and didn't really have plans for the lo…
This Baby’s Laugh Will Make You Laugh [Video]
The two things we all love watching on the internet are funny videos of kids and animals. Today, it's cute video is brought to you by a baby named Brooklyn.
We can agree that there's nothing like hearing a baby laugh. It brings so much joy and that's exactly what Brooklyn does...
The New Gerber Baby is from Michigan! [Photo]
Say hello to the new Gerber baby, Isla! Not only is this cutie the new Gerber baby but she's also from Michigan!
7-month old, Isla, is from Troy and beat out 170,000 entries to take home the title for the 6th Annual Gerber Baby Photo Search...
Parents Spend $450 on Their Kids’ Birthday Parties
As a child the best part about having a birthday is the actual party!
I remember it was the highlight of my childhood when I was growing up. I'd get to pass out cupcakes at school, walk around with balloons and if your friends really liked you they'd decorate your locker...
Parents’ Answers to Hot-Button Questions
Being a parent is a tough job. Everyone can agree with that. But not everyone agrees with certain parenting styles.
BuzzFeed polled over 200,000 parents and asked them all types of controversial questions ranging from spanking to homeschooling and vaccinations...
Man Lets 4-Year-Old Daughter Tattoo Him
A Florida man, who is also a tattoo artist, is gaining national attention after letting his daughter tattoo him.
According to Bay News 9, Brad "bob-tat" Bellomo, says that his 4-year-old daughter had come into the shop with him a few times and after seeing what her daddy does s…
Are You A Competitive Mom?
Mom's want the best for their children, but some mom's go a bit too far especially when it comes to sports. Apparently according to a new study competitiveness regarding your children goes WAY beyond sports.

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