Donut-Themed ‘Uptown Funk’ Parody [Video]
No doubt about it one of the biggest songs of the year has been "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. It's catchy, it's got a great beat and everyone can sing along!
Since the song's release, parodies and mash-ups have been made but this one has to be the best …
Stupid Human Tricks: The Toy Trumpet Cover [Video]
Remember that techno song by Darude that came out around 2000? It was called 'Sandstorm.' If you don't know it by name, you'll recognize it if you hear it. That's where this guy, with his toy trumpet, comes in.
Watch The Work-At-Home-Mom’s Version Of The ‘I Quit’ Video
We all saw that video of a woman quitting her job in stylish fashion floating around the internet earlier this week. And, most of us applauded her for standing up for herself, quitting, and doing it in such an amazing way. Now, a work-at-home-mom has taken a stab at a parody of the viral video. And,…